Omega strives to introduce innovative new products to the market.

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Latest Product Releases

April 2017
1000V Insulated Screwdrivers

February 2017
LED Flood Light

February 2017
Volt Sticks

August 2016
Door Push Button Switch

June 2016
Power Gel, VS Screw Connector, CSV-T Shear Bolt Screw Connector, Self Amalgamating Tape

June 2016
OB121 Plaster Bracket Kit


June 2016
Theta Ultrasonic Dual Technology Sensor


January 2016
Mixflow Inline Exhaust Fan


December 2015
Telstra Rope


November 2015
Screw Bulk Kit


November 2015
Fibre Glass
Step Ladders

October 2015

September 2015
Time Switch

August 2015
Timers, Relays, Frequency Monitors, Controllers, Power Supply

August 2015
Expandable Conductor Barriers

Dektite Kit

September 2014
Draftstopper Ceiling Exhaust Fan Lenco

Dektite Kit

Feburary 2014
Dektite® Premium & Solar 200 Kit


Walther Plugs & Sockets

Feburary 2014
Walther® CEEtyp Plugs & Sockets


Tradepower Lockout Kit

January 2014
Tradepower® Lockout Kits


Unitech Lugs & Links

January 2014
Unitech® Lugs & Links


Ratchet Screwdriver

October 2013
Ratchet Screwdriver Set


GPO Level

April 2013
GPO Level


Warning Sign

Feb 2013
Warning Sign



November 2011
Slimline Exhaust Fans